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Yerba Mate Pampa

Yerba Mate Pampa

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Organic, premium quality Yerba mate from Argentina, without stems or powder. This mate is fresh, unsmoked and has an intense, sweet and fresh aroma. 

Flavour profile: herbal, fresh, green, earthy, herbal, bittersweet

100g or 500g




location Argentina
1. We suggest brewing your Yerba mate in a mate or gourd
2. Half-fill your vessel with Yerba mate
3. Cover the opening of the vessel with your hand and shake it to prevent the Bombilla from clogging
4. Fill the Mate 1/4 full with 40°C water and leave to soak for 2 minutes to avoid scalding the leaves.
5. Top-up the vessel with 70°-80°C water until it is half full
6. Insert the Bombilla until it hits the bottom of the vessel – the leaves will now hold it in place and you should not move it again.
7. Fill the vessel with 70°-80°C water and enjoy!

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