We love seeing our favourite teas served in restaurants and cafes across Vienna and Europe. We provide a tailored consultation where we work with you to find the best way to serve speciality teas in your establishment and which teas your specific customers will love. We offer incomparable teas at competitive prices, as well as true passion and expertise.


We also provide pre-packaged teas for resale in gift shops, concept stores, design stores and to speciality food + drink providers. We are always happy to develop special cooperation packaging for your store!

Working with us

- An introductory tea tasting/ sample box and consultation
- A tailor-made tea preparation and/or retail concept to fit your business needs
- Personalised tea selection for brunch menus, fine dining, speciality coffee shops, country-specific restaurants, non-alcoholic pairings, etc.
- Hand-selected tea ware selection for private and gastronomy settings, also subject to wholesale discounts
- Additional teas sourced exclusively for your business
- Competitive wholesale pricing/ discounts and extra volume discounts
- Fast shipping with GLS
- Low shipping costs or free shipping, depending on destination and quantities
- Personalised quotes and strong customer support

We want to bring fantastic, speciality tea to Europe and want to show your customers how excellent tea should be. We believe that our teas have a place on every table and will work closely with you to make their preparation, serving or selling easy and enjoyable for you and your team. We look forward to working with you!

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