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rami tea

Sun Moon Lake Ruby18 AAA

Sun Moon Lake Ruby18 AAA

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This tea is exceptional. It is heady, delicious and intensely aromatic without being over-powering. The warming treacle notes perfectly compliment the cool menthol characteristic of Ruby18 black teas – here expressing themselves with a eucalyptus-like freshness.

Ruby18s are Taiwanese black teas produced using the leaves of tea bushes which are a cross of a taiwanese shan and assamese cultivar – the mix of dark treacle and mint is characteristic. This one was hand-picked at Mr. Li Ming’s organic gardens and comprises both spring tea for its aroma and summer tea for a deeper and more intense taste, which gives it a noble flavour with a velvety texture and fabulous flavour and aroma profile.

Flavour profile: eucalyptus, molasses, medicinal, noble, deep, heady, uplifting





location Sun Moon Lake, Yu Chi, Nantou, Taiwan
harvest November 2023
cultivar TTES Ruby18
water  95°/150ml
tea  5g
time  1m/30s/1m/1.5m/+
water  95°/450ml
tea  8g
time  3m

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