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rami tea

Sencha Saemidori Makizono

Sencha Saemidori Makizono

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A shaded sencha from natural gardens in the hilly area below the Kirishima volcano. The shading of the tea plants encourages the leaves to maintain their stores of amino acids, producing a full-bodied and elegant sencha, reminiscent of higher grade teas. This sencha is sweet with creamy and fresh flavours and vanilla notes. Delicious brewed hot or cold.


location Makizono, Kirishima, Kagoshima prefecture, Japan
cultivar Saemidori
harvest Ichibancha (Spring) 2022
water 70°c/150ml
tea 5g
time 1m – 90s – 3m +
water 70°c/450ml
tea 8g
time 2m

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