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rami tea

rami pu'er tea set

rami pu'er tea set

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Do you know what pu’er tea is? Whether you are a firm fan of the whiskey of the tea world or simply intrigued, this tea set will make you very happy. Chinese pu’er teas are either sheng (green) or shu (ripe), can be aged or fermented and are very often pressed into tea cakes. These teas have deep, complex flavours and aromas – they are often earthy, woody and leathery, but can also be fruity and have a long, sweet aftertaste. In fact, they are so diverse that you will just have to try them to understand the quite magical world of pu’er. The only thing you need to know is that pu’er is like no other tea you’ve tasted before.

In the rami pu’er tea set you will receive 10g of each of the 5 pu’ers, a guide on how to rinse and brew your teas and descriptions of all of the teas included. Below, you can decide if you would like the starter pack with or without a tea pot. The teapot is 150ml, made from heat resistant glass and has a metal, spiral filter. An ideal teapot for enjoying high quality leaves alone or with a second person and for observing the leaves and tea colour as you brew.

A perfect gift for yourself or someone close to you!

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