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rami tea

Osurgeti Sun-dried Acacia Forest

Osurgeti Sun-dried Acacia Forest

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A deep, sweet, sun-dried Georgian black tea with notes of marmalade and honey.

For many years, these hectares of tea bushes, originally grown from Chinese cultivar seeds, have been left dormant. In the meantime, they have self-propagated and turned into a large, wild tea forest in untouched nature, overlooked the snowy peaks of the wild mountains of Guria. Only 8kg were produced of this special, sun-dried black tea, allowing it to retain a liveliness on top of a typical malty, honey-sweet flavour. The aromas are deep and diverse and include wild flowers, acacia honey, fruit and marmalade. This tea works well in single brewings but is best enjoyed in multiple steeping preparation.

Flavour profile: marmalade, honey, wild-flowers, velvety, smooth, lively


location Schvitobauri, Osurgeti
cultivar Kimin
harvest May 2022
water 95°/150ml
tea 5g
time 1m/30s/1m/1.5m/+
water 95°/450ml
tea 8g
time 3m

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