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rami tea

Kōcha Sayamakaori

Kōcha Sayamakaori

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A unique and delicious Japanese black tea from a mountain farm, located at an altitude of around 400-650 meters above sea level in Yabemura Village in the Fukuoka Prefecture. Tea plants at this altitude often find themselves under a winter blanket of snow, thriving in the colder climate and unique conditions that make pesticide and chemical-free cultivation possible. The farmer of the tea learnt his craft with a Taiwanese black tea master and has since consistently produced exquisite teas.

This particular example uses the sayamakaori cultivar, which is sophisticated, attractive, and highly drinkable. The intriguing aroma encompasses meadow honey, with dominant fruity tones of tangerine and purple flowers.

Flavour profile: tangerines, purple flowers, nectar, noble, smooth


location Yabemura Village, Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture
cultivar Sayamakaori
harvest Ichibancha, Spring 2023
water 95°/150ml
tea 5g
time 1m/30s/1m/1.5m/+
water 95°/450ml
tea 8g
time 3m

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