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rami tea

Ceylon Slow-Withered Green

Ceylon Slow-Withered Green

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This unusual green tea is one of the stars of the Amba Tea Estate, on the edge of a 1000-foot precipice, overlooking the stunning Ella Gap and Ravana-Ella Waterfalls. The Estate is one of very few artisanal tea estates in the country and is part of an artisanal collective, which focusses on sustainability, transparency, small-scale farming and community well-being. They provide sustainable livelihood opportunities to rural women, support forest-friendly farming practices, and use techniques that minimise waste, energy consumption, and resource use. Five percent of gross profits is shared with workers as a bonus.

This green tea is withered over night, allowing it time to develop more oolong-like aromas than other greens, and then pan roasted. It is a very special green tea with citrus-peachy notes, delicate, toasted overtones and a characteristic vegetal base.

Flavour profile: sweet peach, vegetal, nutty, playful


location Ambadandegama, Bandarawela, Uva, Sri Lanka
harvest 2022
water 70°/150ml
tea 5g
time 1m – 1.5m – 3m
water 70°/450ml
tea 8g
time 2m

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