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rami tea

Bi Luo Chun

Bi Luo Chun

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This unique green tea is part of our selection of so-called Famous Chinese Teas and was grown and made in its birthplace, the Xishandao island on the Tai Lake in Jiangsu, China.

The Jin family only produces small amounts of this tea every year as production is very time consuming as it takes place in a wood-fired wok and is entirely hand made.

The outcome of this meticulous process is a very satisfying green tea with a beautiful and complex flavour profile that balances savoury and oolong-like floral notes.

Flavour profile: complex, fresh, rich, savoury, floral, vegetal


location Lake Tai, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
harvest 10th April 2023
water 70°/150ml
tea 5g
time 50s/20s/60s/+
water 70°/450ml
tea 8g
time 2m

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