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rami tea

Adam's Peak Silver Tips

Adam's Peak Silver Tips

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The leaves for this delicate white tea were picked from wild tea trees on an abandoned tea estate in Warnagala, on the wild side of Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka. The estate was founded 130 years ago in colonial times and been taken over and revitalised by Buddika Dissanyaka and his Forest Hill Tea Estate.

Their teas are hand-picked and processed and they are part of a Sri Lankan Artisan Tea Collective which focuses on sustainability, transparency, small-scale farming and community well-being. They provide sustainable livelihood opportunities to rural women, support forest-friendly farming practices, and use techniques that minimise waste, energy consumption, and resource use. Five percent of gross profits is shared with workers as a bonus.

To make this silver tips, skilled Forest Hill tea pickers climb into the wild tea trees and pick the newest buds, which are then sun-dried to produce a tea with minimal intervention. The tea leaves are exquisite – silvery grey and covered in a velvety down – the brewed tea is palest gold, juicy, round sweet, lightly fruity and moreish.

Flavour profile: sweet, tender, round, juicy, herbal, subtle fruitiness


location Erathna and Kuruwita villages, Rattota, Sri Lanka
harvest 2022
water 80°/150ml
tea 5g
time 60s/90s/2m/+
water 80°/450ml
tea 8g
time 4m

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