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rami tea

Pa Sha Mountain Rhino Pond Sheng 2023

Pa Sha Mountain Rhino Pond Sheng 2023

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The cutest way to drink pu’er tea! These microtongs are exquisitely packaged sets of 7 mini sheng pu’er cakes. The tea, from the region in the Pa Sha mountains known locally as ‘Rhino Pond’ is fresh and light from 300 year old, wild growing tea trees. It is floral, full, syrupy and lively with a balanced sweetness and astrigency.

flavour profile: floral, sharp, sweet, lively, full

8g x 7/ 56g



location Pasha Laozhai, Menghai, Yunnan, China
harvest 2023
water 95°/150ml
tea 5g
time rinse/40s/50s/60s/80s+
water 95°/450ml
tea 8g
time rinse, 4m

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