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rami tea

2020 Yi Wu Sun-dried Dragon Pearl

2020 Yi Wu Sun-dried Dragon Pearl

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The black tea in these 8g dragon pearls come from wild tea trees which are between 80 and 100 years old. The trees grow in the mountainous landscape of the Yi Wu mountains and, unlike other Yunnan black teas, were steeped, sun-dried and pressed. The tea is dense, velvety and has a long, sweet aftertaste with floral, honey and fruit aromas. A very beautiful black tea with especially pleasing packaging.

Flavour profile: honey, honeysuckle, elegant, smooth, sweet


location Yi Bi Village, Yi Wu, Xishuangbana, Menghai, Yunnan, China
harvest Spring 2022
water 95°/150ml
tea 5g
time 1m/30s/1m/1.5m/+
water 95°/450ml
tea 8g
time 3m

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