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Matcha Uji Asahi Super Premium

Matcha Uji Asahi Super Premium

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Super premium ceremonial matcha from Uji, Japan, long considered the home of the best matcha powder in the world. Situated between Kyoto and Nara, Uji has both the hot summers and cold winters which create the perfect conditions for producing very high quality tea leaves. This matcha is delicious when prepared both as usucha (thin tea) as well as in the ceremonial koicha (thick tea) style. Usucha is a light, foamy preparation that most of us recognise as matcha, whereas koicha produces a thick, syrupy and very intense matcha experience. Only the highest grade teas are appropriate for koicha.

This asahi matcha is certainly a special occasion tea with a delicate, rich and sweet flavour and an enduring, fresh, fruity aftertaste.

Flavour profile: rich, sweet, fresh, fruity


location Uji, Japan
cultivar Asahi
harvest Blend Spring 2022/ Spring 2023
brewing method
Preparation of Usucha (thin tea): Sieve two heaped matcha spoons (2g) of the powdered tea into your bowl. Add about 100ml of 90°c water. Gently mix with a bamboo whisk (soak your whisk in warm water before use to prevent breaking) and then start whisking until a fine, thick foam forms on the surface of the tea.
Preparation of Koicha (thick tea): Sieve two heaped matcha spoons (2g) of the powdered tea into your bowl per person. Add 20-50ml of water per 2g, depending on your preferred approach. Slowly combine matcha with water by moving your whisk in a circular motion until a smooth, syrupy paste is formed.

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