Dong Ding Medium Roasted

A traditionally processed, full bodied oolong from Dong Ding with very satisfying, juicy taste.

This tea was electrically roasted twice, in a manner that allows for the aromatic and dense body to stand out next to the roasty notes: energetic, lively, juicy – this tea is sweet, pleasant to drink and very long lasting.

flavour profile: sweet, warm roasted notes, herbs, olive oil spice, fruity, smooth





location Yonglong and Zhang Ya, Dong Ding, Lugu, Nantou, Taiwan
cultivar mainly Chin Shin
harvest April 2021, baked May 2021
water  95°/150ml
tea  5g
time  1m/30s /1m/90s/+
water  95°/450ml
tea  8g
time  4m


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