Diving into
the world of
specialty tea

We sell and serve hand-selected, high quality single origin teas, thoughtfully produced by skilled artisans. We focus on natural teas, small-scale production and wild tea harvests and are committed to the distribution of teas where ethics, sustainability and community are prioritised.

OUr teas

rami tea is a teahouse and tea shop in Vienna’s 8th district – but of course you can also purchase our products directly here in our online shop.  

We want to bring special loose leaf tea that is, so different from the teas usually available, into the homes and teacups of more people. The teahouse allows us to showcase how these teas can be best enjoyed, brewed multiple times, to allow their full flavour and aroma potential to unfold.

We offer mainly white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea and dark/fermented teas.  So the rami teas are all made from one plant – camellia sinensis – but they taste like a thousand different ones. You might smell jasmine, cut grass or peach; taste roasted chestnuts or fermented plums, all from one leaf. The majority of our teas have no aromas added and those that do are flavoured with fresh flowers or real fruits.

why tea?

Similarly to ceramics, we discovered that tea offers an endless number of variation, both in terms flavours as well as its origins and traditions. Nonetheless, in its essence, tea only requires a cup and warm water to be enjoyed.

For us, this is the beauty of tea, it is something incredibly straight-forward yet it holds endless potential for discovery.

Tea can wake us up in the morning, give us a break during the day or help us calm down in the evening. It can be a shared moment that brings us closer to a friend or a personal moment to enjoy by ourselves.

Specialty tea is a perfect means to slow down and reflect on our relationship with the world around us. 

our vision

With rami tea, we first and foremost want to show that tea can play a special role in our lives and that it is more than the commodity it is so often perceived to be.

At the same time, we want to show that whole leaf tea is fun, remove the complex jargon and make it accessible for everyone.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity to discover the diverse range of specialty tea. At the heart of this lies telling the incredible stories of our teas: Where they come from and who made them.

About us

The three of us met in 2011 – studying human rights and, soon after, learning ceramics together as well. In 2018 we opened rami ceramics – a place where people of all experience levels can come together to learn from excellent ceramics teachers or practise and hone their skills independently. We wanted to create a space where everyone feels welcome to get to know a craft that the three of us love. With rami tea we want to do the same – we want anyone to feel welcome to come into our shop, have a look around and ask us all about this world that we are having so much fun discovering ourselves.

We can’t wait for you to join us for a cup of tea,

Anouk, Kate & Teresa xx

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