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Hōjicha Tencha Powder

Hōjicha Tencha Powder

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This Hōjicha powder comes from a lovely family-run farm in the famous Uji region, that is transitioning to organic farming. This specific tea already has its Japanese organic certificate.

The farm specialises in Matcha production, and therefore use tencha leaves to make this Hōjicha Powder. The green tea leaves are roasted and then machine-ground into a fine powder used for preparing a comforting Hōjicha Latte. Its a great caffeine alternative as the parts of the teaplant used are naturally low in caffeine and the roasting minimises its presence further.

The flavour profile is earthy, smoky, and slightly sweet, with undertones of toasted grains and a hint of caramel. It has a robust, comforting full-bodied taste.


location Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan
harvest Spring 2023
brewing method
Sieve 1-2 teaspoons of the powdered tea into your bowl. Add about 100ml of 80°c water. Gently mix with a bamboo whisk (soak your whisk in warm water before use to prevent breaking) and then start whisking until foamy. Add (foamed, warm) milk of your choice and enjoy. Also great when iced.

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