Wu Yi Tie Luo han Rock Oolong

Rock tea “yancha”, baked dark oolong.

A blend of tea from inner Wu Yi (Zhen Yan) and tea from outer Wu Yi (Ban Yan) from traditional cultivars, roasted three times over charcoal in traditional style. Produced by one of the oldest companies in the Wu Yi area under the guidance of experienced tea masters and traditionally packed in rice paper. This tea’s cultivar, Tie Luo han, means iron warrior monk and is one of the ‘four great oolongs’ – according to legend the cultivar was developed by a warrior monk with golden-bronze skin!

Flavour profile: warming, roasted, floral, soothing, mineral





location Wu Yi, Fujian, China
cultivar Qi Dan
harvest Spring 2016
multiple brewing
water  100°c/200ml
tea  5g
time  15s – 30s – 45s +


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