Porcelain sharing pitcher

Sharing pitchers or gong dao bei are also known as fairness cups. Once tea has been brewed it is poured into the sharing pitcher before being shared amongst the cups of the tea drinkers. This ensures that all tea drinkers can enjoy a brew of equal strength.

This piece was fired in a gas kiln to 1380°C and has subtle, craqueled areas that will become more prominent with tea drinking. The light shines through the delicate material and every piece is unique. You can choose from two defined colour shades: ‘clean white’ and ‘warm white’. Clean white is glazed with a light celadon with blue tones, whereas warm white exhibits occasional subtle colour spots on a transparent glaze.

Artist: Nina Rail

Please be aware that measurements and colour tones change slightly on every piece due to their handmade nature and position in the kiln.



Material: Porcelain

Volume: 240ml

φ6.5cm x H10cm

Artist: Nina Rail