Pinglin Milky Qin Xiang Oolong, Taiwan

A green Oolong with floral, creamy, sweet character traces.
The leaves for this tea have grown in an organic tea garden, they have been loosely rolled, and only slightly oxydised after harvest. It has a full body and shows the character of the Jin Shuan Cultivar, beautifully subtle milky notes that play well with the complex floral and mineral tones.

Flavour profile: milky, fruity, mineral, spikey, full



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location: Pinglin, New Taipei, Taiwan
cultivar: Jin Shuan
harvest: March 2021
brewing method: 100°c/6g/200ml/1m-15s-40s-1m-1.5m +
or: 100°/8g/450ml/4min

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