Okumidori Yabukita Uji Matcha

Ground Japanese green tea from Uji, Kyoto, this Premium culinary grade Matcha is ideal for preparing matcha latte, ice-cream, cocktails and for cooking and baking. The matcha can also be prepared in the traditional style but is a little less creamy and sweet than a higher grade matcha.

Flavour profile: bold, light umami, nutty, vegetal, sweet





location Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan
harvest 1st harvest spring 2023
brewing method
Preparation of Usucha (thin tea): Sieve two heaped matcha spoons (2g) of the powdered tea into your bowl. Add about 100ml of 90°c water. Gently mix with a bamboo whisk (soak your whisk in warm water before use to prevent breaking) and then start whisking until a fine, thick foam forms on the surface of the tea.


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