Mountain Sencha Okumidori

This is an excellent, mountain sencha with a particularly full flavour and aroma. The tea is grown by husband and wife farmers Masashi and Eri Harashima in their small, mountain tea garden close to the Yabemura Village in Japan’s Fukuoka Prefecture. The tea grows high-up, surrounded by forests in a natural garden, and lies under a blanket of snow over winter. The fresh leaves take a long time to mature, and thus collect a particularly intense, concentrated and full flavour. Unlike most senchas, this tea still has a tasty and aromatic 4th infusion. The tea is fresh, sweet and rich with traces of nuts and chicory and a pleasant umami.

Flavour profile: sweet, chicory, rich, nutty, umami, fresh





location Yabemura Village, Yame,Fukuoka, Japan
harvest Ichibancha 2022
cultivar okumidori
water  70°/150ml
tea  5g
time  40s / 50s / 90s / +
water  70°/450ml
tea  8g
time  2m


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