Mengsong Nan Ben Old Trees White, China

This Chinese white tea from 300 year old trees, is a special treat.

Very pleasant to drink, it has a dense flavour profile that is sweet and ripe with a long lasting after taste on the palate.

The leaves for this tea have been withered in the sun and in shade, and then steamed and hand-rolled into small 200g cakes. Looking at the cake you can see that not only young, fresh leaves, but also older, larger ones have been used.

The bodyfeeling is energising, intense and pleasant, it goes deep.

flavour profile: honey, floral notes, sweet, ripe



location: Nan Ben Lao Zhai, Sanmai, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China

harvest: 2021

brewing method: 95°c/6g/200ml/40s – 1m – 1m15 – 1m45 +


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White Tea