Matcha Midori Organic - Green Tea, Japan

Our basic Japanese organic matcha: tencha (green tea) leaves milled into fine powder.

A beautiful, sparkly full green for your favourite matcha bowl and a satisfying, energising feeling.

Flavour profile: sweet-savoury umami, fresh, sea breeze



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location: Makizono Village, Kirishima, Kyusu Island, Japan

cultivar: Yabukita

harvest: Spring 2022

brewing method: Preparation of Usucha (thin tea): Sieve two matcha-spoon-heaps (2g) of the powdered tea into your bowl. Add about 100ml of 90°c water. Gently mix with a bamboo whisk (soak your whisk in warm water before use to prevent breaking) and then start whisking until a fine, thick foam forms on the surface of the tea.

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Green Tea

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