Li Shan Bug-bitten High Mountain Oolong, Taiwan

Delicious semi-green Oolong from natural gardens (no irrigation, no chemicals) in Taiwans highest tea-growing region, Mount Li Shan, picked by hand.

This tea has the famous “Mi Xiang” – honey fragrance, which is attributed to tea leaves that have been bug-bitten by the tiny endemic leafhopper. Its activity triggers the defense mechanism of the tea tree, which produces aromatic substances that are manifested in this tea with an intense aroma and deep, multi-facetted taste that withstands many steepings. A rather energising tea with a playful energy.

Flavour profile: spicy, fruity, honey-sweet taste, mouthwatering


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location: Cuiluan Village, Li Shan, Nantou, Taiwan
cultivar: Chin Shin
harvest: mid-August 2021
brewing method: 100°c/6g/200ml/1m-15s-40s-1m-1.5m +
or: 100°/8g/450ml/4min

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Oolong Tea

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