Kabusecha Okuyutaka – Green Tea, Japan

This tea is beautifully round, with a sweet, milky taste and freshness of meadow flowers. It is one of the finest Japanese green teas, shadowed before harvest and later rolled into wonderful shiny, dark green needles. This tea comes from the steep slope tea fields of Jiro Katahira, who regularly wins tea competitions with his Kabusechas. From these tea fields, you can see Mt. Fuji’s peak, and morning sea clouds cover the tea bushes.

flavour profile: sweet, milky, fresh, meadow, umami, round


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location: Nunosawa, Shizuoka, Japan
cultivar: Okuyutaka
harvest: Ichibancha (spring) 2021
brewing method: 65°c/8g/1m – 15s – 40s
or 65°/10g/450ml/1.5m – 3m

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