Imereti Wild White, Georgia

A very pleasant, sweet white tea from Georgian natural tea gardens at the foothills of the Caucasus Mountainranges with herbal but floral taste notes.

For many years, these hectares of tea bushes, originally grown from Chinese cultivar seeds, have been left dormant. In the meantime, they have self-propagated and turned into a big wild tea forest. This unique occurance brings us naturally grown tea leaves – “two leaves and a bud” have been picked in spring and processed in a simple tea-workshop in Gezruli. Works well in single brewings but also perfect for steeping mutiple infusions.

Flavor profile: sweet, soft, round, full, floral herbs, meadows, light, pleasant, cold snowy air in full sun


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location: Gesruli, Imereti, Georgia

cultivar: Kimin

harvest: May 2021

brewing method: 80°c/6g/200ml/40s – 1m – 1m15 – 1m45 +

450ml / 8g for 2mins

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White Tea