Greek Mountain Tea

Organic greek mountain tea from Mount Vourinos in Greece, picked and processed by Panagiotis and his wife Vaia.

In the 1950s, Panagiotis’ great-grandmother started to cultivate Greek mountain tea at their family tea garden 1000m above sea-level and today Panagiotis and Vaia continue to cultivate the tea in the traditional way, hand-picking and processing the leaves without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers.

Greek mountain tea is a naturally caffeine-free herb from the sideritis family. It tastes light and fragrant with citrus, chamomile and mint notes. The herbal brew’s name comes from the greek for iron, because in the past it was used to heal battle wounds. It has also been traditionally drunk by Greek shepherds who picked it wild on the mountainside and is particularly rich in antioxidants. A perfect herbal tea.

Flavour profile: chamomile, mint, tree resin, citrus, calming, fresh





location Mount Vourinos, Greece

water  100°/500ml
tea  8g
time  4-6m


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