Darjeeling Goomtee First Flush

Darjeeling first flush teas are the first teas produced after winter. They are very highly sought after for their lively, fresh and sparkling character and their light floral aromas. First flushes are not as heavily oxidised as normal black teas to allow them to fully express their potential, despite their delicacy.

The Goomtee Tea Estate is located in an area of serene, natural beauty where the teas grow at over 1200m elevation without the application of pesticides.

This Goomtee first flush has all of the character we look for when selecting a first flush. A nicely processed, uniform leaf with significant tips gives us a full, fresh and distinct aroma full of fruity-floral notes and a lively, bright but noble character. It truly is the champagne of teas.


Flavour profile: sparkly, bright, round, cut grass, green asparagus, artichoke flower


location Kursong , Darjeeling, West Bengal
harvest March 2023
water  80°/150ml
tea  5g
time  45s / 20s / 60s / +
water  80°/500ml
tea  7g
time  3-4m
add water to pot and then add tea leaves afterwards


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