2022 Lùng Vài Old Trees Sheng

This Vietnamese, pressed, raw pu’er tea was made using leaves from wild-growing, 100-200 year old tea trees in the Lùng Vài area of Hà Giang, Vietnam. Lùng Vài is northeast of the Tây Côn Lĩnh mountain, the tallest mountain in the Hà Giang province.

Raw, or sheng pu’er, is processed and pressed and can then either be enjoyed in this state or aged to further increase the complexity of the flavours and aromas. This cake contains a 1 bud, 2-3 leaf picking standard and the resulting tea features a warming, honey-apricot flavour with herbal, nutty undertones.

Great option for daily drinkers with good ageing potential.

Flavour profile: complex, warming, apricot, prune, spiced, herbal, nutty

50g/ 357g




location Lùng Vài, Hà Giang, Vietnam, 1000-1100m
harvest Spring 2022
water 95°/150ml
tea 5g
time rinse/20s/40s/60s/80s+
water 95°/450ml
tea 8g
time rinse, 4m


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