2014 Da You Shengjin Celebratory Pu-Erh

Fantastic Sheng (raw) Pu-Erh from wild 100 year old trees of the forests in Menghai.

Made by the Taiwanese company Da You to commemorate the foundation of the city of Shengjing, leaves of wild growing trees in the villages of Yibi and Sanhe were used. This tea gives a very good body feeling and focused energy. It is deep, fresh, juicy and complex with aromas of apricot marmelade and baked chicoree.

flavour profile: spicy, floral, marmelade, chicoree, well-balanced, multi-faceted, long lasting sweet aftertaste

50g or 350g




location Yi Bi and San He Lao Tzai villages, Yi Wu, Menghai, Xishuangbana, Yunnan, China
cultivar Da ye (large leaf)
harvest spring 2014
water  95°/150ml
tea  5g
time  rinse/20s/40s/60s/80s+
water  95°/450ml
tea  8g
time  rinse, 4m


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